Dreaming of HIM again…

So a few days ago I posted about dreams, and how bizarre they can be. How they can leave us feeling quite empty when we finally wake up and realize that we truly were just dreaming. They can feel incredibly real (even when you’re flying through clouds, or jump from one city to another instantaneously)… the thing is, we don’t always, in fact I personally NEVER, know that it’s a dream.

Well, I had a dream again last night. Very vivid. I can remember every detail. I spoke in the last post on dreams about a boy (of course haha). I’d met him that night, briefly, and ended up dreaming about him and I being in love. It felt so real, this boy who I know nothing about, but somehow in my dream, I’m madly in love with him AND everything about him.

I dreamt about him again last night… The crazy part, it was like another chapter, a continuation of the previous dream. He and I were on a camping trip in a camper-van. Towards the end of the dream we had to return the camper-van to the rental company. And in the office, I jump up and wrap my arms and legs around him. He kisses me… I mean full on passionately kisses me. And it’s heaven. He bites my ear lobe and whispers that loves me.

How crazy is this? Meet a guy once… dream about a perfect relationship with him and how we are madly in love… My brain can be a real dick to my heart sometimes!

I’m hoping to meet him officially sometime this week. With no alcohol… well ok, considerably less alcohol… involved. Pray that I’m gorgeous, charming and he absolutely falls in love with me right then and there! That’d be great dear readers!

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