Dreams are quite an odd thing don’t ya think? Sometimes we wake up and know we’ve had an amazing dream, but can’t remember a single detail, yet sometimes we have a sort of mediocre dream and can remember every little insignificant part that happened.
Then rarely, well at least rarely for me, we have an incredibly amazing dream, we wake up with a massive smile on our face and we can remember it quite vividly. Rather unsurprisingly, for me that is, it’s usually because I’ve dreamt about love or something similar.
I recently had one such dream. The weekend just past, I attended a friends birthday drinks, where I knew nobody and was introduced to many. Many of their faces and names sort of blurred into one (as I proceeded to get more and more drunk).
I had been introduced to one boy, I only really remember saying hello and shaking his hand, before preceding to run upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom to empty my stomach of the handful of bottles of wine I had consumed.
Two mornings later, I wake up from this incredible dream. Said boy and I were in love, we had a hotel together and our first patrons ended up getting a free night because the guy proposed to his girl friend by our pool. Other things happened in the dream that aren’t really relevant, but what got me, was that it felt so incredibly real. I had this gorgeous, beautiful boy who was madly in love with me, and I with him.
I woke up with the biggest smile on my face, feeling wonderful and turned over hoping to see his face… Alas, the only face that greater me was my dog who had snook into the bed sometime in the night.
I felt a little empty. I realised I had woken up expecting to see this boy and it took me awhile to remember that I had only met him for the briefest of moments, whilst quite heavily intoxicated. I can’t help but secretly wish this is one of those prothetic dreams you often read about in women’s magazines. Like its a small glimpse at something that could happen.
I’m totally taken by this boy, he’s sort of stuck in my mind and it’s quite disheartening. I’d like to meet him properly and get to know him maybe.
Anyway, aren’t our dreams just crazy??

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