Keeping A Promise

Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything of note down. I’ve had a particularly bad weekend and I was rescued by someone who took me quite by surprise.
Auckland Pride Festival has been in full swing over the last couple of weeks, and this weekend just gone was one of the big events… The Pride Parade. I’ve been twice before, and quite honestly wasn’t too impressed, but I was excited to go again this year, with more floats and a bigger crowd, it promised to be something good. And here, I have to admit, it really was. I loved every second of it, the floats were great, the atmosphere was brilliant and the show of solidarity from the general public was astounding.
How then, could a young gay guy like myself, possibly have a bad weekend during Pride? The parade aside, everything that could go wrong did so. I lost my phone/wallet, with all of my money. I ended up at a lesbian event, which was cool, but definitely my thing (incredibly confusing too, some really hot guys who turned out to be really boyish lesbians).  My best friend (a lesbian), who I was staying with for the weekend brought the wrong keys so we were locked out of her apartment. And to top it all off, a really cute guy I have abit of a crush on stood us up.
My weekend soured quickly, despite best efforts to enjoy it, I found myself sitting on the edge of despair.
Fortunately I was saved from the weekend from hell by a guy I didn’t really know very well. He saved me from the locked out situation, and spent all of Sunday cheering me up. I was quite surprised by the depth of our conversations, and by just how completely and genuinely kind and caring he was to me.
If you’ve read any of my blog before, you’ll know that I’m not exactly the happiest bee in the hive. I only really ever write when I’m sad (which I guess is more often than most). I made a promise yesterday to start writing again, and to start posting on here again. It’s a promise I plan on keeping, after all, what are we if we can’t keep our word?


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