Never Came Back

I’ve felt like writing a lot lately, but it’s all been going to paper instead of on here. I started a sort of poemy thing just now, and I decided to copy it up here and finish it off… I guess I’m calling it a poem for a lack of anything better to call it. Like usually, it’s probably just a messy jumble of words. But still, they’re from the heart, that’s what counts right?

I’ll Never Come Back

Dark room, eyes close.
Music playing, wind blows.
Tears falling, heart falters.


I see you clearly, bright as sunlight.
Yet you taunt me, endlessly.
Why only in my dreams?

Why wont you find me? Or see me as I see you?

What will it take to earn your love?

Words? You can have them all!
I would write you a thousand poems and a thousand novels.
I would use every word and every letter, from every alphabet and every language.

But words mean nothing, don’t they? I still mean nothing? Dark room and closed eyes.

Surely actions then?
I could run a thousand marathons and climb a thousand mountains.
I could build our house and walk the dog. Hold your hand when things get rough.

But actions are empty? I am empty? Music playing and howling winds.

Love. Love is the answer, love is always the answer?
My heart would be yours, already is. You’d know inside that ‘I Love You’ is empty compared to the song my heart sings to yours.

But love. Love like mine. Is unrequited. Tears have fallen and heart has faltered.

My final words… I love you. My final action… Swallow pills. My Love… ended.

Maybe one day, after I’m gone, you’ll realize I was there… but now, I’ll never come back.

Woah, so that took quite a dark turn. Sorry guys. I guess it has a little more of me in it than I had originally intended.


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