Not Gay Rights, But Equal Rights

What is about our world, our societies, our humanity… that insists on singling people out for their differences instead of celebrating them, and realizing that it’s our collective differences that make the human race so incredible, so beautiful, and so strong?

Once again, I’m writing a post about homosexuality… but it’s not just about that, it’s about equality.

Recently, a bill to allow for Gay Marriage (which would also allow gay couples to adopt), has passed it’s first round in Parliament here in New Zealand. It passed by a landslide actually… 80/40. Those are incredible numbers don’t you think?

But what amazes me the most, is the way some of the country has reacted to it. I was reading my local paper the other day and the leader of New Zealand’s Conservative Party had an article in it… some derogatory, dehumanizing slander that made me feel like less of a person. I got so angry…

I can’t comprehend why anyone would be against it… does two men, or two women getting married effect anyone but those people themselves? NO!

Are we going to force every straight person, every church leader, every (probably closeted) homophobic conservative to attend our weddings, with giant tv screens zooming in on the two men, or two women, kissing at the end? NO!

Gay marriage effects Gay people… that’s all. And even then, it only effects those gay people who choose to get married.

He then went on to talk about how gay couples aren’t as good as straight couples in terms of parenting…

Firstly, let me ask you this, are any of those children in the adoption system from gay couples? I highly doubt it.

Secondly, the government isn’t just going to hand out babies to every gay couple out there… Hell no. There is a rigorous  complicated process that all couples have to go through to adopt, that ensures that they can provide a loving, safe and strong family home for said Child. If a gay couple passes this process, then surely that are up to the same standard?

I was raised by a man and a woman… I turned out gay. I’ve seen so many ‘straight’ broken homes, mine was one of them. I’ve seen so many children suffer, but they are always ‘straight couples’.

If two gay men, or two gay women, love each other enough to commit to marriage, and feel they have enough love to raise a family, who are we to deny that?

Can you raise a child wrong if you raise it with unfailing love? I seriously doubt it.


You know, as a kid, it was always my dream to grow up, get married and have kids. At 18 when I realized I was gay, I lost that dream, and I lost a whole piece of myself along with it.

And now, I’m being given the chance to fight for that dream once more, and to hear old fashioned comments about how gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry, or adopt, well, it hurts, it makes me feel like I’m unworthy to do so. And to me, that’s wrong.

Just remember, every time you say that Gay people shouldn’t… it makes them feel like they can’t, or they shouldn’t even be thinking of it… as if we are any less entitled the exact same rights as anyone else.

It’s not about one group of people wanting what another has… it’s about everyone have the same. It’s not the fight for Gay rights, it’s the fight for Equality…

Either we’re all equal, or none of us are. We’re one race after all.

And I can assure… the day I meet the love of my life, will be the day my voice will shake this country, because I will stand up and fight for my right to love, to marry and to have a family.

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2 thoughts on “Not Gay Rights, But Equal Rights

  1. It’s a truly strong post, a statement of civilization and equality! I deeply share what you say!

  2. Emotional and point well taken.

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