Winter Lesson

Winter is still very much in full swing here in Auckland… well, that is Auckland’s version of winter, which usually just means dull, cold and extremely wet… but I kind of like it. In fact… I prefer cold weather to hot weather.

I should clarify… I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate being cold. But I love being wrapped up in a thick coat and walking the streets of the city when there’s an icy cold wind blowing, everyone huddles together and we speed up, darting in out of warm shops. It almost feels magical to me.

And at home, with the heaters on, or the fire roaring, watching the trees blowing, the grey clouds trudging across the sky like some sleepwalking giant, I watch, waiting for it to awaken, the clouds darken and with a roar rain sweeps across the city.

But my favorite thing about winter, is how the sun creates such beautiful hazes, on those calm, fresh mid-winter mornings. It’s rays breaking through the gaps in the clouds and casting such a heavenly glow on a cold day. The trees dancing in the dawn light. It’s beautiful.

I’m sitting inside, all bundled up,  (drinking a delicious, hot cup of earl gray tea!) looking through my window at the grey world outside, and I can’t help but feel positive. The message, I think I’m learning, is that the world can be surprisingly romantic, even in the dullest, coldest of times, you just have to look at it differently. Lesson learned, thank you mid-winter sun!

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