Inner Cry

Another poem. Again, this is a little heavy. I call it ‘Inner Cry’, it’s a lament. It doesn’t really fit a particular model… it’s just words from the heart, written as I thought them.

Inner Cry

I wish that I could run from here
Where I am
Only Darkness
Growing Darkness
Creeping Shadows
Reaching outwards
Growing Darkness
Cling to hope
Cling to faith
Cling to every single Dream
Pray for silence
Pray for starlight
Just a distant chance at fate
Feel so lonesome
On my ownsome
Ask for forgiveness
Loudly crying
Can you hear me?
Don’t forsake me!
Don’t forget me!
Don’t regret me!
Can you hear me?
I am screaming
I am shouting
Loudly shouting
Still the Darkness
Keeps on climbing
Tears are falling
Hearts have Broken
Cling to hope
Cling to faith
Creeping Shadows
Just an echo
Of a broken Lullaby
Words are heavy
Heavy leaden
Here’s my Burden
Will you share it?
World is heavy
Feels so heavy
I am crying
Can you hear me?
And now the Darkness seems complete
Long for laughter
Long for friendship
Long for every single Dream
To be fulfilled
To feel fulfilled
To feel wanted
To be loved once more
Still I am crying
Can’t you hear me?
Wont you save me?
From myself
Thoughts are Broken
Lost in my own mind
Lost in my own heart
Soul is shaking
Won’t you save me?
Can you save me?


© Copyright 2012

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One thought on “Inner Cry

  1. I can relate and everyone will have a chance to find happiness and friendship.

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