Sitting on the floor in my lounge, listening to a piece of classical piano on my iTunes.

Close my eyes.

Birds are tweeting, the trees are rustling, I hear a horse somewhere in the distance.

I can feel gravel underfoot, it’s a little dusty. The sun, having made most it’s way across the sky, sits just above the horizon, casting the most incredible glow across the valley, I can feel the warmth on my face, I see the rays dancing through my eyelids, diamonds glistening, almost divine.

I open my eyes, the smell of ancient oak and fragrant flowers wafts up to my nose, lavender stands out among the mix.

Further down the track it begins to descend down into the valley… my valley. As I reach the ridge I look out and see in the distance an old stone villa nestled among beds of flower and fruit trees.

The path continues on towards the house, splitting the valley in two. On either side lay rows and rows of vines, the grapes almost ready, a busy season ahead.

I reach the door, finally, and turn the handle. Before crossing into the threshold I turn back, the sun has painted the sky the most brilliant of reds, pinks, purples and oranges, even the greatest of men would be overcome with awe at such beauty. I close my eyes, letting the last of the sun warm my face once more, I hear a glass of wine being poured somewhere inside.

Opening my eyes… The piano is still playing, and I’m still on my lounge floor.

Sometimes I find it difficult not to keep my eyes closed. The world behind closed eyelids is so much more a world I want to be apart of.

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