New Poem

I was writing again today… nothing profound, but it felt nice to be putting words together again. Today was the first time in awhile I’ve felt like writing. Just closed my eyes and let the words find themselves… it was lovely.

This poem is entitled Love… I should clarify that it is no way whatsoever a love poem, it’s not something you would write in a valentine’s day card. Nor is it something you would send along with a letter declaring your love to someone. I have called it love… because it is how Love feels to me sometimes. It is accompanied by a doodle I drew.


Run, run away.
Darkness falls behind,
The light ahead,
Begins to fade.

Break, break free.
Shattered chains on cold stone,
Onward an open door,
Slowly closing.

Reach, reach out.
Empty space below,
A helping hand,
Pulls away.

Shout, shout aloud.
Haunting silence,
A listening ear,
Turns aside.

The ensuing chaos.
Consumes All.
All hope, all faith, all chance.

Frozen in place.

© Copyright 2012

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