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It occurred to me today that New Zealand lacks any real decent GLBTI resources… sure there are few websites dedicated to this and that, and a couple of international magazines have made it over here, but there’s isn’t really anything of substance. We need a magazine that prints regularly, with national and international news, reviews, personal articles and guides… we need something ground breaking.

I was talking to a friend last year, and he was saying how great it is that geeks are finally being recognized as a subculture… he then went on to say how the world has gotten over the gay subculture… Needless to say, we argued for quite awhile. People are still fighting for gay rights, people are still being persecuted and discriminated against, people are still losing their lives. So it’s becoming more accepted in today’s society, it doesn’t mean that we should be any less active. The fight isn’t over, and it never will be…

It’s a hard subject… we demand to be accepted yet also want to be seen as different. It’s kind of catch 22, or paradoxical really… we either become an accepted part of society and then there’s nothing really to fuss over, or we continue to stand out as our own group, our own culture. You can’t be the same and different…

Anyways, I’m off topic yet again… New Zealand needs some decent resources and a decent, ground-breaking, hard hitting magazine for GLBTI.

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