Love Is Love

Today is valentines day… or as I’ve heard it called “Single Awareness Day”. I know that valentines day is a silly “commercial” holiday, but all that aside, it’s still a great day to recognize your partner and share the love. But, for those of us who are unfortunate to be single, it can be abit of a big slap in the face! It’s unfortunate that we live in a society that recognizes success based on certain aspects… career, relationship, family, travel etc.

Have you ever been the only single person in a room of couples? It’s not a pleasant experience, you feel a little alienated, but not just that, you’re treated like some sort of leper. As if there’s some cosmic reason why you’re single, and that it’s probably you’re own fault. Valentines day is a whole day dedicated to making those of us who wish we weren’t single, feel bad about that fact.

I’ve never been in a relationship on valentines day… One year I met up with an ex and we spent the night together to prevent waking up alone on valentines day, and last year, my valentine was my cat Ollie. I’ve never been given flowers, and love note. Never been taken out on a romantic dinner, or had valentine coupons good for “one free massage” or “good for one night of hot, steamy sex”.

I know it’s a silly holiday, but I can’t help but feel a little bit more lonely than usual. I spent a few hours with a guy from my past yesterday, we walked and talked, and it was lovely. And he was telling me how he has bought earrings for the girl he’s sort of seeing, and how he’s going to make her a box and be romantic… and I couldn’t help but feel pangs of jealousy on a number of levels… firstly that his attentions were no longer on me, secondly that there was nobody else that would be thinking up something along those lines to do for me. Thirdly, it was a reminder that I had no romance going for me at all. And I hadn’t really noticed. Usually it’s something on the forefront of my thinking… but lately I haven’t really been thinking too much about relationships and sex.

I have been spending alot of time mulling over the massive internal conflict that is raging inside of me… that God and Gay don’t really seem to do too well together… well, that religion, and the people associated with it, don’t seem to be able to just let me be me. I don’t believe in a God that makes you one way, and then demands that you be something else. Sorry, I’m detouring, and this is a topic best left to another post!

To all of my single friends out there, who are feeling just that little bit more lonely today, Be My Valentine? Let’s make a point of being single “together”. And to all of those gays out there who might be struggling with spirituality and sexuality, namely those few gay christians that seem to be about, I leave you with this poem that I came across today. It sums up exactly what I want to say, it’s a great poem, with a great message. It’s called “Love is Love” by Mania Jankowski.

Love is Love

We walk the fine line
Between insanity and love
Love is love
Isn’t it?
We are told
We are sinful
But what of the people
Who cast us aside
Turn their backs on us
Treat us with their cold whispers and burning hot stares
Like we are a knife
Straight into the heart of the bible
And the “holy ghost”
But what right God
Would toss out his own “children”
Just for who they love?
Love is love.
We are the ones in the pouring rain
Who dance and laugh and smile
Even though sometimes it seems
That the world is against us.
we are different
beautiful; we stand strong
against the names
the pain
love is love
but hate is hate
what is left
for those who feel both
and yet neither?
We play their little game
Living in their world where
Laws and rules
That are supposedly in the best interest
Of the people
Bind us to ourselves
We can cry, feel, dream
We can love, care, support each other
Just the like the next person
Who may be classified as “normal”
We are not the devil
We are not the problem
We are hope
We are love
Love is love

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One thought on “Love Is Love

  1. Well said.

    I will happily be your valentine if you will be mine… Sending lots of love your way Luke xx

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