Mille og Mulle

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Mulle. Mulle had many dreams as child, big dreams! He dreamt that one day he would grow up, and marry Mille, the love of his life. He dreamt that Mille and he would have a family together, and live in a little house, somewhere in the country.

Mulle is now grown up, and still has dreams, smaller dreams. Now he dreams that Mille will notice him. Mulle dreams that love will not escape him for much longer, for a life without love is no life at all. Mulle dreams of family, and romance and love. Mulle loves to sleep and dream, because in his dreams, he can be anyone.

Mulle’s waking life is much different, Mulle is unhappy, and lonely. Mulle cries alot, and his heart aches all the time.

One day, Mulle ran out into the wind and rain, and screamed, loudly screamed, “Je Te Vois! Je Te Vois Mille! Mille, Je Taime! Mille! Mille! Mille! I need you!” And Mulle jumped to his knees and prayed, that the wind would be strong enough to take his message across the world, and that Mulle would hear his voice on the breeze.

Sometimes he hears it echo, “je te vois”, taunting him. It would never take his message, he knew it. Mulle fell asleep one night and dreamt of Mille… he wishes he could sleep forever.

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