Fantastic, Amazing…

Well! I’m so chuffed, it seems my return to the internet has been welcomed. My view count shot up yesterday after the two posts! I’m pretty pleased with myself.
Why is today a great day? Because in exactly 6 hours, I will be seated in a theatre, eyes glued to the stage, awaiting the arrival of Rufus Wainwright. The nerves are kicking in.
My date for the night sort of cancelled though, so now I’m sitting wondering who to ask… I looked on the ticket site, and the cheapest ticked was like $84, so it’s not like it was cheap!
Anyways, I guess you’ll hear from me later tonight, I’ll certainly be posting my review (if I’m allowed) on here, if not, I’ll think of something else.

Message of the day: At some point in your day, someone is going to piss you off. You can do one of the following; 1, Let it ruin your day, thus sparking an exponential rate of “doucheyness”. 2, Turn the other way, ignore the prick, and get on with your day as if they didn’t exist. 3, Hit them. Ask yourself, are you a 1, a 2, or a 3?

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2 thoughts on “Fantastic, Amazing…

  1. Congrats on your viewer count! Myself, I sometimes have tendencies towards 3, but I try to be the bigger person and go for option 2.

  2. I’m sorry but I just have to mention that I think you missed an option.. It’s somewhere in between hitting the person and purely ignoring the person… perhaps the golden middle way…

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