Rufus Wainwright! Pure Bliss!

Dear all,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I get to announce, I WON tickets to a Rufus Wainwright concert tomorrow night! I am over-the-moon, ecstatic, overwhelmed (My mind is running around so wild right now, that I’ve run out of words to describe my current mood! Needless to say, it’s somewhere between on top of the world, and… orgasmic, do excuse my use of the word orgasmic!). The piece de resistance, I have been asked to review the concert by the competition runners, which is fair enough, they’ve given me tickets, the least I can do is cobble together something coherrent enough for their website. I must apologize to Mr Wainwright, for my words will almost certainly fall short, his voice alone, is the only thing that can do him justice, sending shivers (of the best kind) down my spine!

I’m absolutely flabergasted (it’s not very often I win things! And tickets to a concert I would love to have attended, but couldn’t really afford, are certainly what I’d call the win of the year!). After recieving the email to let me know I’d won, my first response was to flick on some Wainwright, “Martha”, “Who are you New York?” and of course “Hallelujah”, my most favorite song of all time! And then within a flash, I had pen to paper, already making a start on my piece, a little premature perhaps, but I’m far too excited! And incredibly nervous! I know there’ll be plenty of others there, but when he plays the piano, and sings his songs, I’ll feel like it’s just him and I, Rufus and Lukas (Doesn’t sound too bad for a couple does it?!)… Rufus, caressing the keys on the piano, his words a sweet serenade, and my ears, eagerly stealing every note!

So, with more than just one bag of nerves, and enough excitement to power a small eastern-European country, I sit here, eagerly awaiting the morn, and the evening to follow it… an evening with Rufus Wainwright, Bliss, pure Bliss.

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