Fragmented Pieces and The Rule

Would I be right in stating that it’s almost impossible to follow your own advice or your own rules? I often find myself in a position where I’m dishing out advice to friends, family, and those odd people you come across in chat rooms. I have a few issues with it, firstly, I’m certainly one of the last people you should ever come to for advice! Why? Because, my life is hardly pedestal worthy, and generally, aren’t you supposed to get advice from those you consider superior in some way or another?

Secondly, the advice I dish out, seems to go down rather well. Which drives me insane, how is it that I can give my friend advice about how to talk a woman, and four months later they’re still together, but when it comes to romance in my own life, I’m utter shit? That seems unfair. I don’t want to sound like a complete dick, I do like helping out a friend.

Thirdly, I am the rule… But I can’t say I have others to blame for that. I think so many of us single people, get caught up blaming our exes, or bad dates, but to be honest, is it really their fault? I am the rule, but by my own doing, my own mistakes, and my own (terrible) decision making abilities. I just seem to be shit at taking my own advicem I can critigue others easily, but when it comes to myself, I’m rather terrible at it, not to say that I’m flawless, quite the opposite infact.

As I was sitting on the bus earlier today, a few thoughts popped into my head, so I jotted them down and thought I’d share them on here, just incase there is anyone still around who reads this (I do apologize for my absence).


We’re all fragmented pieces of a much wider puzzle. A puzzle which, so far as I can tell, doesn’t really make a picture. It’s non-sensical. The pieces of the puzzle, don’t really fit together, I think that they’re all different pieces, from a thousand different puzzles. And there’s a little old man, sitting in his lounge alone, with the pieces on his coffee table. He’s almost blind, and he’s taking his time… fitting wrong piece after wrong piece. Then one day, he dies, the puzzle unfinished, a heap of broken and misplaced pieces standing next to his disaster of an attempt. A relative comes along and throws it all into the trash.


Do with that what you will, take from it what you want… I don’t really know what it means myself, and it certainly isn’t supposed to make sense, but such is my mind, and the thoughts contained within.

It’s nice to be back x

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One thought on “Fragmented Pieces and The Rule

  1. Ha, so true! I always give out advice, which seems to work for other people, but am terrible at following my own rules.

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