The Exception, Not The Rule

How many of you have seen He’s Just Not That Into You? Well, if you have, you may recall the scene where GiGi and Alex are talking about women hoping they’re the exception, when they’re actually the rule… and that everyone, knows someone who might know of someone else who is the exception, but you yourself are actually always the rule.

I found myself later with these words in my head, that I could be the exception, not the rule. I’ve always felt like the rule, my past relationships, or more their failings, have caused me to press deeper into the idea, that maybe I am the rule, maybe I am destined to a future of being single. To my surprise, I later caught myself thinking that maybe this time I’m the Exception… and I think I am! It’s time to say goodbye to the rule, goodbye to my pre-supposed single life… and hello to being the Exception, hello to Romance, and Couple-hood and most importantly, hello to LOVE. This I get to say “I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so bad”

And to those of you out there who think you’re the rule… You too are an Exception, just not to the common douche who seem to litter our romantic pathways. Don’t jump for the douche, wait for your own Exception… general rule, most of the guys/girls you think you want, aren’t the ones you need…

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