It’s a warm, sunny day today… aside from the slight breeze, which is actually most welcome. I thought I’d write about the weather today, and how it has the ability to manipulate our moods. It’s no wonder that winter is the period of the year that sees most accounts of depression and suicide, and likewise, no wonder that summer sees most weddings and romances, Howard and Hoffman (1984):

The number of hours of sunshine was found to predict optimism scores significantly. As the number of hours of sunshine increased, optimism scores also increased

I woke up today with the sun streaming through the window and landing somewhat softly on my face, and, as Howard and Hoffman suggest, I was immediately in a positive, optimistic mood. I’m inclined to agree with Howard and Hoffman, on a cold, wet day, I often find my mood… edgy at best. And in those long, cold, wet and dark days of winter, I often find that many around me, myself included, are miserable at best. Seasonal affective disorder, the idea that pleasant weather improves mood and broadens cognition, because of the lack of such weather during the winter months.

I don’t want to go into any depth of study on Seasonal affective disorder, or anything of the sort. I just wanted to note how weather effects mood. Today, I’m feeling great, full of optimism for the following weeks and ready to set out, and start something new. So thank you, Sun, for being out today =]

(I think optimistic is far better than my usual slightly depressing posts).

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