Silence, A Challenge

I would like to present you with this brief challenge: Can You Sit In Silence?

It’s quite simple… I would like you to dedicate and hour or two to it.

Pick a nice quiet spot, away from any distractions. Take a seat and sit silently. It sounds easy, but it’s not quite as easy as you may think.
The conditions:
no distractions
no t.v
no games
absolutely nothing!
You are not allowed to speak
You have to remain in the place that you have chosen.

I challenge you to overcome your boredom, remain in silence for as long as you can. You may find that the ensuing silence makes you uncomfortable, nervous, anxious… why? We live in such a fast-paced, noise-filled world, and we use this fast-paced, noise-filled world to hide our own insecurities.

But I find that silence has some redeeming qualities. It allows you to be with yourself, your own thoughts and mentalities without any added distractions. Take up the challenge?

This post relates back to something I wrote a few years ago on Silence, which I’ll share here:


It’s so loud!
“Shut up! Shut up” I scream inside my mind. Why does it have to be so loud? Enveloping my like a thick woolen blanket in summer, smothering me?
I look at the wall opposite, time has frozen, the face on the clock melting away into oblivion.
And for one brief, everlasting moment, I’m free. Free from society and the silence that threatens to wake me, to bring me back to reality…
And then a snap, the silence breaks the barriers I have built and whisks me back into the room, the hands on the clock ticking, the door slides open slowly.
I see her, lying on the bed, through the open doorway… so cold, so still.
The sound of my future, my empty, hollow future.
The man in white, looks to his watch, funny how time steals all things. He notes it down, 12.31am.
“Sorry” only a whisper.
And gone, gone forever, forever into the great unknown…
“I love you” an echo from the previous day.

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