Life Is An Iceberg

Life Is An Iceberg

This is another set of writing that I came across on my website, I think it’s on a similar par with my earlier post “Gay, with a small chance of Literature“, in the sense that it’s supposed to inspire one to be oneself, regardless of the masks and crap. So here it is (it’s from 2009):

Life is an Iceberg

You’re four years old again, mum and dad have just turned away and started walking, you are screaming. You’re scared, for the first time you can ever remember you are being left alone with a whole load of strange, new people.
There is a lady pulling on your arm, you instantly decide you don’t like her! She takes you into a room, and there are more kids, sitting around on the carpet, everyone of them just as nervous as you.
It’s your first day of school… you remember how you all pretend to be cool, you go and sit next to a few people and start to talk… small talk, nothing important, comparing socks.

That was the day you first realize that everyone hides themselves. Do we ever truly know the people we call friend? or Mother?
In fact, it’s more likely that we don’t. Because it takes the rarest of occasions to open up one hundred and ten percent to someone. Are we scared that the person we say knows everything about us, isn’t going to like everything about us?
Even in our drunken stupor, when we fear that we will reveal all, we do an amazing job at preventing ourselves from becoming too open, too vulnerable.
And thus comes my fear, I will never fully understand the people I keep around me daily; and they will never really understand me. It is our depths, our differences and our details that make us so unique and in my eyes, so interesting! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find someone, even if it is only one person, with whom you can be you. If you aren’t comfortable with someone else knowing exactly who you are, then I believe that you aren’t comfortable with yourself; and I sympathize for anybody who doubts themselves, or feels out of place in their own skin.
So what was my point again? Love yourself, be exactly who you want to be and do not, under any circumstances, be afraid to show people who you are and what you’re made of. The world is full of icebergs, it’s a sad truth… maybe you can be one of those few people who tears away all of his/her masks and veils, and yells to the world “This is me! Take me for everything that I am! Or lose me! But I shall not hide no longer! I shall not fear anymore!”

I think that we’ll leave it there for this post, for now at least! Hope my old writing isn’t too out of place with my new!

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