Gay, with a small chance of Literature

I want to share another blog with you. But before I tell you more about that, I want to share another fact about me. I am, as some would say, of the male persuasion, that is, I am gay (though personally I hate to use ‘labels’).

I realize that I’ve mentioned being in Love with K, and yes that is true. K, was the only girl I’ve ever loved, and of course there have been other girls, but I always found that they lacked a certain something (please avoid adding silly comments about male body parts). I don’t know what it is that makes me like guys, and that’s the honest truth. I’ve spent hours and hours dedicated to working out the reasons why I’m gay… and still, I’m no closer to an answer. But, to tell the truth, I stopped looking for reasons a while back, I decided to stop worrying about it, and accept me for me.

The minute you turn on yourself, is the minute you lose grip of yourself. I’ve seen so many people do it, regardless of gender or sexuality or race. I’ve seen gay guys and girls try too look for the cause of their “problem”, for some of them, it has ruined their lives… even to the point of suicide. Watch the movie “Prayers for Bobby”, and you’ll see what I mean, although religion had a very big part in that too. Which is very fitting with my own situation. I’m a gay in a house of Christians, it’s hard work!

And for awhile, I did turn on myself, and I tried to ‘fix’ my problem, and do you know what happened? I became miserable, I hated myself, and I hated myself all the more for hating myself. So please friends, take my advice, be you any age, and sex, or any sexuality, never turn on yourself. Sure, take a look every now and then, and do some spring cleaning, but never attack “who you are”, because who you are, is the very foundation of your life, and who you are to become.

Surprise, surprise, I went off track… again! I’m sorry, my mind jumps from one thing to another… it has a mind of it’s own, excuse the terrible pun. The reason I wanted to state my sexuality (although now I’m quite sure it was necessary, I mean how many straight guys write about Love in almost every post? And are as incredibly soppy as I am?), was because, I met someone tonight (no, no, hold your horses, it’s not that kind of meet!).

It’s not very often you meet someone whom you almost instantly click with, and even less so, via the internet. But when you do, I think there is a definite spark that seems to defy space and time… as far as I’m concerned, I could just as well be sitting opposite him rather than sitting on different sides of the city, talking through msn.

The reason I write about him, is because, he has a blog (Ahh, it’s all tying together now!). And it’s his blog which I want to share, because he writes in a way that has captivated me (cue embarrassed blush).

That’s the link to his blog, I know for certain that you’ll find something there that you’ll enjoy. As far as his writing, I think I’ve fallen, is it possible to fall for a piece of literature? Or maybe it’s the writer for whom you fall?

I hope that, if it was not obvious beforehand, my ‘outing’ to you all, wont effect your opinion of me… although, if you’re still here reading my blog, I’m pretty sure you’re of the open-minded sort, I imagine it’s not the type of blog conservative, religious types would get a kick out of.

On a side note, I just read that literature, when literally translated, is “acquaintance with letters“, how awesome is that? As a writer, it definitely makes me smile, how well am I acquainted with each letter I write? How well do I know my words? Lots of smiles!

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