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Poor man with the black hat, I decided to cheer him up with a little color. If only life were so easy, throw in a splash of color here and a hint of tone there, and suddenly there’s no more war, no more rape or murder… If Only.

I was reading some articles about blogging earlier, pretty much every one of them warned against ranting. Whoops, I think I missed that memo when I stepped into BloggerLand. My bad… I apologize to all who hate blogs that turn into rants… though I did warn you from the beginning.

Anyways… Wouldn’t it be cool if life was a musical? Sure it’d probably piss most people off, but I think it’d be awesome. Instead of having a boring conversation with your boss about the E-24 Form or whatever, you’d be dancing up and down the office singing, the forms flying in the air all around.

Goodbyes would be so much cooler too! Instead of weeping and wishing it wasn’t goodbye, you’d have some awesome goodbye sequence with heart-wrenching song and tear-jerking poses. Would be so much easier?

So I was thinking what kind of musical I’d want my life to be like… I mean they vary quite a bit. I think I’d have to go with the deeply emotional type, like RENT. I could never do something happy like a Bollywood one, or thriller-ish like Chicago.

Also, I’m still disappointed at the lack of comments! Not that I’m fishing or anything, I’ve noticed I get a fair amount of views, but rarely any comments. Feedback would be nice, it’d give me a guideline for the kind of posts you want, and the rants that you don’t. Unless I really am I writing to the Void… in which case,

Goodnight Dear Void.

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