The Written Word (part three)

So I think I’ll make this the third and final installment of the posts entitled “The Written Word” (for now at least anyways). I ended the last post rather abruptly, so my apologies for that. I figured I’d tie it all together in this post.

I think the most common theme found in the previous posts, was that the Written Word, is powerful, in a number of different ways… it stirs our emotions, it teleports us from one reality to another, it causes us to forget ourselves even for a few brief moments. Yes the Written Word has incredible power over the reader… but what about the writer? Does the Written Word (that is, the words that they themselves are writing) have power over the writer? Or does the writer have the power over the word?

Once upon a time, I would have chosen the latter as the basis for my opinion on this question. Now though, I think I have to go with the former. Do I think that the writer scripts the way for the words? Short answer: NO. I believe that the words, as soon as the writer sits down and begins to type, or write, that they begin to shape what the writer has as a final draft. I had no idea what I was going to write about in this post (well that’s a lie, I was going to write about Shakespeare again), but as soon as I sat down, the words just came tumbling out of me… it’s like literary vomit, only far better quality (at least I hope so!)

When it comes to the writer and the Written Word, I firmly believe that the latter shapes the former. Most people would say that the writers writes what the writer writes… the words write the writer (try saying that fast five times!!!). So yes, the Written Word is powerful… that’s basically the point I was trying to make.

We already know my opinions on literature… but if there are any of you out there who would like to share… anything… then please, please do. I want this to be a two-way thing, not just me talking(writing) at you 24/7. I want to hear about your favorite books/novels or your favorite genre etc, etc, etc. Sound good? I think it does.

Alas Shakespeare, my good friend, it is now time for our parting, at least for a few posts. Though you can count on him coming back up again, I’m an addict, so I find it very hard not to mention him… he’s like a cooler sounding, history changing, life changing heroin.

The Written Word… it is powerful.


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