The Written Word (part one)

Literature… possibly the greatest joy in the world? Maybe joint first with music and chocolate? I don’t know whether it’s because I’m English, whether it’s because I’m a lefty, or whether there is no apparent reason whatsoever, but I am a huge lover of the written word.

I have been for the majority of my life (except those few years where I couldn’t even walk or speak, let alone read a book). There is something about writing and, in it’s own place, reading, something I have yet to find elsewhere. I don’t know why I get a thrill when I pick up a Shakespeare, I feel my spine shudder as I glance across the title… Macbeth, King Lear, Caesar, Twelfth Night… then my heart races as I turn the cover-page and read aloud the first few words, “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it”, “

Sometimes I like to imagine the author as I read. I wonder how they were positioned  when they were writing? Where they sat? What they wore? What the weather was like? Did they use a pen? A laptop? A type-writer? A quill? Did they have a cup of tea? Or coffee? I not only imagine the world I’m reading, but also the world in which the author had lived in. It is of my opinion, that you enjoy a novel, story, etc all the more, when you understand or at least, imagine, the author and his/her world. Perhaps you may disagree? Or be of a different opinion? As for me, well, I think you definitely have to imagine what I’m like, in order to get your head around the things I write, I’m almost certain most of it is nonsensical!! Alas, such is the curse of an overactive mind and an eager hand! Who knows what trouble one may come across tomorrow? What wonders one may perform tonight? What marvels one may have unearthed the day before yesterday? THESE, are the joys of the written word!

Time to get back on track! I’d like to list some of my favorite authors. I think the average reader would enjoy them (or more, the not-so-average one), and each comes highly recommended by myself (obviously).

Nancy Farmer is a children’s fantasy writer, and her novel, “A Sea of Trolls” was my first love. I read it once a year, and every time, I find myself taken back… for the few days I take to read it, I’m my young self again. I wouldn’t say it’s a Shakespeare, but Nancy Farmer has captured my heart and mastered the art of children’s literature. If you have children, then I recommend that you head out to your nearest Borders and buy a copy! And then, make sure YOU read it aloud to your children, because I guarantee, you’ll be as captivated as they are sure to be!

Hmm, who next? I think I’ll go with… Jane Austin, now we’re getting to the big players. Austin, wow what a gall! I studied Pride and Prejudice and of course fell in love instantly. I realize many modern readers view her writing methods as out-dated, removed and alien, but personally I believe the way she writes is exactly what makes her books so unique and timeless. Unlike most however, my favorite Austin is not Pride and Prejudice… it is in fact, Emma. Now there is a story that seems to be echoed time and time again. I’m in love with Austin, and will be for a good time yet!

I think I’ll draw this post to an end here for tonight, part two will be coming tomorrow! Night x

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