Pepsi the Kitten

Today, my neighbors little kitten came into my house. I’ve been cleaning all day and part of that was laundry, so I had the laundry door open all day. A few times I heard the bell from her collar ringing in the laundry, on and off she entered the house, venturing further inside each time.

Her name is Pepsi and she’s very, very timid. It was just me home all day, and at about seven in the evening, I sat down to do some writing, when I heard her bell rattling her way into the house. She came to the lounge door (where I was writing) and sat and watched me for a few minutes, before gaining some courage and venturing further into the room. She came straight in, wondered straight past me and had a nosey around the place for a good ten minutes.

I was completely taken aback when she came back and sat directly opposite (she’s never let me anywhere near her before), and she watched me writing. My own cats seemingly un-phased by her intrusion. She sat and watched for about twenty minutes. I was so amazed.

Needless to say, it was the highlight of my day. I was busy doing one of the things I love the most… writing, with a beautiful little, timid kitten watching me. And, I gets better! I had the fire on and was writing by candle-light! The atmosphere was incredible. I wonder if Shakespeare ever wrote with his neighbor’s cat observing??

I love writing by candle-light, in fact, I love to do most things by candle-light. I think I’m in love with the ambiance, the mood, the tension it creates… I’m so over electric lights, and their harshness.I love to surround the bathtub with candles, fill it with hot, bubbly water and then lay there reading my favorite books… 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Pride and Prejudice, A Sea of Trolls, The Republic… I could go on forever! I think my next post should be about literature? I’m a fan!!!

To top my amazement, that little kitten, Pepsi, actually responded… I didn’t like this one part I was writing, so I read it aloud to myself to see how it sounded, then I looked up at her and said, “What do you think little one?”, and to my surprise, she shook her from side to side… it was clear, she didn’t like it either! (It has now been scrapped!) Cool kitten huh?!

Anyways, I’ll write again in the morning, hope you enjoyed my little experience today!

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