Internet… Mistake, Regret and Guilt

The Internet…

While it is a resource that is pretty much invaluable to the entire world, it also provides opportunities for countless more mistakes to be made in our lives. How much easier is it to cheat on your spouse, compared to say 30 years ago? I daresay that the divorce rate has increased, as well the increase in infidelity and promiscuity, because of the internet. Would I be wrong in this comment?

Now, in about five simple clicks, you can be online, on a website for dating, or even the personals section of craigslist (and so on), and have arranged to meet a complete stranger in less than half an hour.

But these aren’t the only problems I have have with the internet. One of the things I hate, is how it’s made people sneaky, and creepy. We get scared when we think of the idea of sexual predators posing as teens to talk us/our kids, but what worries me the most, is when it’s people that we know, posing as people that we don’t know. Do you follow?

Like a friend for example, posing as someone you’ve never met, but they ask all of these questions about you, and about themselves etc. Or, and this bugs me the most, people who are in relationships, and they add their partner on msn or facebook (etc) but with a fake profile, and then they actually go about trying to get their partner to meet the fake person, or show that they are unfaithful… what the f**k people? Where does it end? What I don’t understand, is how bloody stupid it is. Why would you actively go about trying to get your partner to cheat on you? For all you know, they would never have thought about it, until you actively go about trying to get them to. Maybe they recognize similar traits of the real you in the fake you, and that’s something that causes them to be abit more free? I don’t know.

I just feel like there are probably hundreds of people sitting at their computers, about to do something incredibly stupid. Let me give you the definition of two words:

Mistake: an error in action, calculation, opinion, or                                          judgement caused by poor reasoning, carelessness,                     insufficient knowledge etc.

Regret: a sense of loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, etc.
a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss,                         disappointment etc.

Memorize those words and their definitions. Don’t let the internet play a hand in causing you to feel or experience either of them. If you’re thinking of going onto craigslist to look for a sexual encounter, but you’re already with someone, then please please please listen to me… don’t do it. Sit down with your partner/spouse and talk about it. If you’re so unhappy that you’re looking elsewhere, end the relationship first. Because if you don’t, you’ll experience another word… GUILT and trust me, that’s a feeling much worse than regret.

And if you’re one of these people I’ve been talking about, who has a fake profile, or a fake msn, just to talk to someone you know… can I give you some advice?
Firstly, get over yourself… you are clearly far too self absorbed that you’d have to resort to that.
Secondly, learn this word: TRUST , trust is absolutely crucial for any relationship or even any friendship to work. Trust is the foundation. If you are worried that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is going to cheat on you, confront them about it in person. There’s no need to be sneaky, or manipulative. And if you’re doing it for a way out, GROW A PAIR.

And yes, dear void, I am writing from experience here, unfortunately. Regret, Mistake, Guilt are three words I know very well. I know those words too well in fact. I’ve failed far too many times, I think it’s about time, I stopped failing, I stopped making mistakes and I came clean… with myself. This is who I am, this is what I want, this is how I’ll live.

I guess, my rant has turned into abit of an advice column. I hope if you’re reading this, and you find yourself in any of these situations, that you wont make the mistake, that you wont let regret and guilt get you. I would never wish that on anyone.

I’ll call it quits here, I feel like I’ve gone on abit too much. (I swear I’m old before my time!). Thanks for being here for me =]

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