The Universal Language, music

Have you ever noticed the awesome power that music holds?

Music can change your mood, stir memories, encourage fantasies, or shake your emotions. I have quite a huge playlist, and I can honestly say that each and every single song on there, is there for a reason. The reasons vary for each song, some of them remind of people, some remind me of times, some give me hope, some make me cry… but the point is, that each song, means something to me.

I have quite a few songs that remind of this one girl in particular (I wont name her). She’s the girl I fell in love with, and the girl whose heart I broke… And every time I hear one of “our” songs, my heart breaks all over again, and I’m filled with regret… regret because, I was the one who broke hers. She used to mean the world to me, now we barely acknowledge each others existence. She was my best friend. I guess I’m kind of missing her, is it that obvious? Some of our songs: I Swear by All 4 One, Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney… sorry, can’t go on. Tears welling up. Love you K.

Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold, always pulls at the heartstrings. It reminds me of my Nana. I can remember once, about 5months after we’d moved to New Zealand, I was lying on my bedroom floor, listening to the song, tears pouring down my face, because I missed her. I miss her so much.

Another song I love to listen to, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Don’t you think it stirs feelings of regret? Maybe it’s just me? Anyway

I’m pretty sure I can associate every person I know with a song, that in my mind identifies them. Someone very special to me: On The Radio by Regina Spektor, My best friend: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (But performed by Jeff Buckley), My younger brother: anything Gaga, An old love interest (no name): In Her Eyes by Basshunter, An friend from the past: Never Think by Robert Pattinson, A guy I know called Rob: Boten Ana or Dota by Basshunter, A girl I knew once: Everytime by Britney Spears, My Mom: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven…

A guess most people would say it’s corny, or cheesy… or even borderline pathetic (probably leaning more towards pathetic than not). But I don’t care, that’s how I operate. I assign songs, music, smells, movies, books etc to aspects of my life, be they people in it, moments that happen, or just the things I do. I think it helps me deal with my life. Maybe it helps me feel like my life has more meaning? I don’t know… it’s not that life isn’t interesting enough, I just like to have my own little spice to add to it.

I often find myself thinking about what song would be playing if my life was a movie. I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a car, there’s a long open road, the sun is out and I’m doing that snake thing you do in the wind with your hand and arm when the window is down… David Gray, Sail Away.
I’m walking… Vanessa Carlton, A Thousand Miles
A new love interest… David Gray, This Years Love.
Starting a journey… Regina Spektor, The Call.
You get the idea.

Music, my powerful friend, I just want to say thank you. Music is so powerful, it’s universal, just watch the flash mobs on youtube, or notice how Mozart is played World over… music is the universal language of the world. Because we all speak it, and we all understand it. Music reaches right through our skin, through our hearts and to our souls. It unites, it unifies, it strengthens and it molds.

Hope I haven’t rambled on for too long… Catch you later, have a good day, dear void.

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3 thoughts on “The Universal Language, music

  1. vamptillcue on said:

    So true. The power of music really is amazing.

  2. Very thought provoking post. Thanks for your comments on Eva Cassidy! -Scott

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