Love… or something like it


I guess it was inevitable right? You’ve been sitting there this whole time, just waiting, waiting for me to write about love. You clever little void you, of course it was on it’s way… this is me we’re talking about afterall.

Love isn’t as clear as it used to be. I think our society is one of like, lust or loathe… but not necessarily one that cultivates and nurtures the idea of love. Look at the next series of commercial when you’re watching tv, I can almost certainly say that their will be an ad that has a topless ‘hunk’ or a ‘babe’ in her lingerie/bikini… they may be promoting some perfume or something, but they’re also promoting lust.

I miss the days, when love was love. When your would skip a beat or two everytime you thought of that special someone. When you felt like you couldn’t breathe without them. I miss love… I’m not blaming anyone but myself for my lack of it… I’m just frustrated that our society doesn’t encourage us to fall in love for that one special someone.

If a guy goes and sleeps a load of women, he gets high-fived by his mates. That upsets me. Making love… there is a reason it’s called that… well there WAS a reason. It’s sad.

LOVE, hang around for more on love!

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