This, That and The Other

I don’t want to sound like one of those bloggers who think that they’re amazing, and having something completely unique, and that each of their posts is so clever that it changes the world in some way.

No, I don’t want to be that person. I’m well aware that my blog isn’t going to change to world, in fact I’m well aware that my blog is not even likely to change even one person’s life (well maybe my own, but that doesn’t count).

I am educated, just to let you know. Primary school right through to University. I’ve been involved in discussions on climate change, put forward ideas for a “New Town” to a city mayor, and spent hours in philosophical debate with some of the world’s leading lecturers (in their respective fields). So yes, one could say that I have some well established opinions on, well on pretty much everything.

How many times has the word “I” been used in those past few paragraphs. I’m starting to sound… up myself. That wasn’t my intention.  Just trying to continue my back-story, to better help you understand me.

One thing I am finding both interesting and challenging about blogging, is just what to write about. I mean, it’s easy to sit down and start writing some political commentary on the state of the world, or the starving children of Ethiopia. I could write about music, or movies, or theater, or art… There are millions of things to write about, I just struggle to pick the right ones. And not only to pick the right ones, but ones that are somehow relevant.

My mind paces at a million miles an hour, it rarely makes much sense to myself, let alone anyone else. I love to write, and I love to think, and most of all, I love to write about the things that I think about. I will, if you don’t mind void, write about my thoughts, though I warn you now, this blog may begin to roller-coaster.

Here is a perfect example of my up-and-down mind, I’ve already changed the subject a couple of times, and I’m about to do so once again… sorry! But “You’ve Got Mail” has been on my mind again. That film, if you look through the romantic haze, is such a clever commentary on life, and more-so, our modern day culture. Look at when Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) writes the email to NY152 (Joe Fox/Tom Hanks) about ‘change’. Those six or so lines, completely sum up how most of us look at change. Change, is a good thing. But is it? Or is that what we just say to hide the fact that we don’t want it to happen? Or were we really content with how things were? But maybe, just maybe, that thing that’s now happening, the thing we didn’t want to happen, is actually a good thing. Just because we don’t want it to happen, doesn’t mean it’s not good for us… like a child eating vegetables, or going to the supermarket…

Once again, I’ve probably read far too much into the movie, and yet, I still feel as though, after watching it too many times to count, I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg. That next time I watch it, I’ll learn something new… about myself, about people, about the world. “You’ve Got Mail” is more than just a 90’s romance… at least that’s what I think.

I promise, dear void, that I wont write about that movie every post! I do have some other things on my mind at the moment, that I’d love to try and put into some coherent sentences.

Catch you later,


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