Ugly, Ugly World

I was listening to a girl talk today, she was talking about how we live in a society that is caught up and thrives on the misfortunes of others.

It’s so true though. I mean all you have to do is flick on the tv, go to any news website, even read your emails… the world thrives when we have someone to point at, someone to laugh at, someone to feel better than. Who really cares that Lindsey Lohan “wont survive jail without cigarettes” (OK! Magazine)?? Or that Mel Gibson said the N-word… we love it when celebrities fall, it’s not just entertaining because they’re falling, but because we put them up there in the first place. We build all of these people up, just so that we can watch them fall!

And it’s not just celebrities, look at your local high school. If someone falls over, people laugh… If someone gets pooped on by a bird, hundreds of children rush to ridicule and not to provide help. If there is a fight, suddenly the school becomes a jungle, it’s students like wild animals, they rush, from all four corners of the school and surround the fight, to not only observe but to encourage. “Look at that boy wearing those non-branded shoes, what a douchebag” or “Look at her, wearing that holey top”… We think children are the worst at pointing out and acting on the misfortunes of their peers.

But the sad truth is that even the “sophisticated, rise-above-the-situation world of adults” is just as flawed. You see it in the work place, in the shopping malls, in the traffic jams, in the concerts, in the papers.

We live in an ugly world… let me repeat that, we live in an ugly, ugly world!

I think the prime example of this judgmental, belittle the unfortunate, tear apart the weak society that we live in, can be seen with ‘reality tv’. It just drives me insane, because the things that people do, and watch these days for five minutes of fame is just ridiculous. These shows prosper, more than any other, because we love to see people worse off than ourselves. We get a sense of satisfaction that our life is better, we get to play the role of judge, jury and executioner with a single line… “look at that woman, I can’t believe she’s doing that, she must be desperate to go on tv looking like/acting like/saying that”.

I would even go as far as saying, that it’s not these shows, or these movies, or these games that are polluting our children’s minds… but it’s the society that encourages them.

I blame you, Ugly World… we don’t see problems because of our environment, but because we don’t encourage our environment to be better than it is.

At the end of the day, who gives two s**ts about this celebrity or that, or your neighbor, or that woman who you met once who’s now a drug addict. It’s time to rise out of the cesspit of our society. I’d like to see headlines that show a positive, encouraging society.

I don’t want to see an ugly, ugly world… but a gleaming one.

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