Sleepless in… Auckland

After my first post last night I fell asleep… for almost 12hours. Which is a first for me, I’m one of those non-sleepers… the kind of guy that sleeps for about 3hours between 5am-8am. So who knows, maybe together dear void, we’ll be able to fix my sleeping habbits.

If not, be prepared for some interesting posts from 4am in the morning when my mind is racing a million miles a second!

Blog post number two… what does one write about??? I’ve been lying in bed (it’s 3.22pm, yikes!) staring at my laptop trying to think of something to write about. Needless to say, I’m rather pleased with my first post… anyway, I want my posts to be relevant and interesting… I want them to be something you, my void, want to read about, not just something I want to write about. (Not that I have any readers yet, but that’s the joy of writing to a void, it doesn’t matter if there is one reader or one million readers, what matters is that it’s out there).

I guess I’ll just use this post for some admin… please check out my pictures page, and give some input… I want this to be about “us” and not just about “me”. Well, I think it’s about time I got up out of bed and embraced the day, while there is still some left of it… But I shall be back tonight, when my mind is a little bit more active and I’m almost certain I’ll have something great to write write about.

Have a good day my void

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